Restored Life has been born out of a desire to help men, women and churches connect with a healing abortion recovery studies. One out of four women will experience abortion in their lifetime. If one out of four women, then how many men? Most have never spoken of it to another living soul and often don’t realize the connection of the destructive aftermath with their abortion. Post-abortive healing studies provide a safe environment to share the abortion experience. This allows the Lord to bring abiding healing and restoration.

With abortion being the greatest moral issue of our day, the mission to bring the healing of Christ Jesus to men and women who have experienced abortion is greatly needed. The Lord longs to bring wholeness and healing, restoring His joy, so that the God’s people not living in penance for their past, but out of a passionate love for Christ.

We realize the difficulty speaking on this topic and are available to come and share testimonies of God’s healing and restoration. Throughout the testimonies we highlight the aftermath of abortion, God’s power to heal and restore, and the need to be intentional about seeking healing. We will, also, work with you to help you implement the study in a safe and effective way that provides anonymity for participants.

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