One out of four women will experience abortion in their lifetime. 


If one out of four women, then how many men? Most have never spoken of it to another living soul and often don’t realize the connection with the destructive aftermath of their abortion. Post-abortive healing studies provide a safe environment to share the abortion experience. This allows the Lord to bring deep abiding healing and restoration.

We help men, women and churches connect

with restorative ministry.  

There are many excellent approaches to abortion recovery ministry; in person and online, one-on-one and group studies, private counseling, and weekend retreats.  We help find Christ-centered, Bible-based ministry close to where people live or work.  Pairing the individual with ministry that works with their schedule works best.


We offer restorative abortion recovery testimony and talks

Throughout the testimonies we highlight the aftermath of abortion, God’s power to heal and restore, and the need to be intentional about seeking healing. Post-abortion trauma is real.  Most have never spoken with another living soul about their abortion experience, not knowing who they can trust, or whether there is help for this hurt.  The post-abortive person can often feel beyond repair.  Our heart’s desire is to see those captives held in the dark wound of abortion be set free, to come out of hiding and receive restorative ministry.

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We pair Pastors with local facilitators

so that restorative abortion recovery ministry can quickly and easily be offered to their congregation. The church can then promote the study every time it is offered, as it can take time for the post-abortive person to find the courage to come forward out of secrecy and shame to seek their healing. There is no time-consuming training of a lay minister within the church to lead abortion recovery. Those individuals who do participate in healing ministry are many times called by God to seek training in order to offer abortion recovery ministry within the church. 

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We offer fellowship & training opportunities for facilitators. 


Abortion recovery work can be isolating and difficult. Restored Life promotes and sponsors additional training opportunities for facilitators to sharpen the skill sets they need, to minister in the field of abortion recovery with excellence.  In fellowship, we encourage and spur one another on through prayer and shared experiences, lessons learned and best practices.