Female Post-Abortion Syndrome​

  • Emotional Deadening 

  • Increased tendency toward Anger or Rage 

  • Fear of others finding out about their abortion 

  • Intense feelings of isolation and loneliness 

  • Less Self-confidence/lower self-esteem 

  • Some sexual dysfunction ranging from increased pain during intercourse to promiscuity, frigidity, loss of pleasure 

  • Insomnia or Nightmares 

  • Difficulty developing or maintaining relationships  

    • with 70% post-abortive relationships failing

  • Suicidal feelings 

  • Drug and/or Alcohol abuse to deaden the pain 

  • Eating disorders

  • Actual Suicide attempts


Male Post-Abortion Trauma        

  • Difficulty with commitment

  • Dodges authority

  • No solid sense of identity

  • Works to impress moral leaders

  • Keeps women at bay

  • Has trouble bonding

  • Fears impending tragedy

  • Doesn't own his mistakes

  • Feels inadequate as a leader

  • Relationship struggles

  • Inability to trust friends

  • Rage

  • Anxiety attacks

  • Addictions and sexual compulsions

  • Sleeplessness, bad dreams, nightmares

  • Sexual dysfunction

  • Depression

  • Fear of failure

  • Fear of rejection

  • Loneliness or numbness

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